Top-of-the-line Power Washing Services here in Fort Myers, FL

The different parts of the house or the property needs different types of cleaning procedures to make sure that these parts are not damaged during the cleaning process. This is the reason why we, at Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc., offer different types of cleaning techniques like pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing that are individually used on specific parts of your Fort Myers, FL property.


Because of our roof's exposure to different weather changes, there is a great possibility that it may accumulate dirt, dust, and even moss. With all of these moss and dirt sticking to the roof's surface, regular roof cleaning is needed; however, doing this by yourself can be dangerous. For these reasons, Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc. is here to help get your roof a cleaning service that will restore your roof's appeal.

Our cleaning services are always anchored to our aim of providing every client with hassle-free, efficient, and reliable soft and pressure washing assistance. Our pressure washing services will effectively remove all the stubborn gunk that has accumulated and was unable to be flushed down to your gutters. We will even be willing to give your gutters a nice cleaning so that there would not be any accumulation of any debris that may affect the drainage of rainwater from your roof. We ensure you a rapid, reliable, and efficient residential or commercial power washing service to help upkeep the property value of your home.

Aside from that, we also provide exterior and window pressure washing. In fact, we have been the most chosen window, roof, and gutter washers here in Fort Myers, FL. Work with us today and we guarantee no dirt left on your roofing.

Driveway Washing

Sometimes, it is not enough to have a clean exterior wall or roofing to say that the whole property is clean. To make sure that your “WHOLE” property will look clean, it is best to include the driveways and pavements in the cleaning process. However, these are some of the most difficult parts to clean because of the grease, dust, and dirt accumulation. Luckily, Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc. is here to help! With our driveway washing, the grime from stone steps, concrete driveways, and even from your sidewalk will be removed easily. With our help, you can make sure that the driveways, pavement, and stone steps of your property are spotless for you and your guests to enjoy.

When it comes to concrete, dirt accumulation is common even in the tiniest of holes. This is why pressure and power washing are required to successfully get rid of this dirt. In addition, more specialized cleaning techniques for paver stones and other types of exterior home surfaces is also done here in Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc.

Enjoy a spotlessly cleaned driveway, patio, or even deck. We make use of the power of pressurized flow of water to take out the dirt, grime, and grease from stone steps, concrete pavements, and concrete driveways.

Gutter Cleaning Services

With the use of power washing, the dirt, spider webs, algae, moss, grease, and other contaminants that may have been accumulated on your gutters can be easily removed. See, if these stuff are left unattended, the buildup can develop into unsightly mildew, mold, and may even obstruct the flow of water from your roof. If the water is not properly drained from your gutters, it can become a breeding ground for bugs and animals. Moreover, if the water is not properly drained from gutters, it may cause structural and water damages to the walls of the home, the foundation, and even to the gutter itself.

With the professional pressure cleaners that we have here at Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc., you will not have to worry about cleaning gutters on your own - considering that this is a difficult and hazardous task.

With all of these services, any stubborn build-ups that general hand cleaning cannot achieve will be gone instantly. So whether you need cleaning for your roof, gutters, driveways, pavements, or stone steps, you can rely on Oz Pressure Cleaning, Inc's power washing, pressure washing services, and soft washing services here in Fort Myers, FL.